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DJ DOMUOfficial Closing Party

02.00 Drama Theatre, courtyard, 38 Knyaz Alexander I St., entrance of 10 leva per person.

The orginisers of the party – Magazine 1 and Cotton Records – about DJ Domu:

Dominque Stanton, better known as DJ Domu, has recorded for a variety of labels under a variety of names: Domu, Zoltar, Yotoko, Sonar Circle, Rima, Bakura, Umod, Realsides, Chaka Domu.

Recognised by artists such as Bugz in the Attic and 4Hero, DJ Domu is a true innovator, an experimenter for whom there are no limits in music. His career has spanned for over ten years.

It all began when he was a frustrated and nihilistic fourteen-year-old who didn’t like sports and was bored at school. All he cared about was hip-hop. Jingle in the massive and rave parties were in their peak at the time and the whole UK music scene was in quite a stir.

Dominique began listening to acid house and techno and soon noticed that many of the artists of the time Nightmares on Wax, 4Hero, Guy Called Gerald – had started mixing genres onto each other. Subsequently, he became familiar with jungle, techno, raga, soul and Brazilian music.

When he was seventeen, he sent a drum’n’base demo to 4 Heros’ label Reinforced and they were interested

The rest is history, and you’ve probably heard it.

Come listen to him live!