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The Night Descends on the Town

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Bulgaria 360°

Central Square
Presented by Magazine 1

20.00 – 03.00 – “360° Bulgaria”: 120 photographs from above by Alexander Ivanov. The photographs were taken from paragliders during a period of 8 years. 360° Bulgaria is an emotional message in support of environmental protection. A lesson in citizenship.


The Old Town of Plovdiv, multi-media presentation

Atanas Krusetev Square (Lapidarium), outside Balabanov's House
Old Town
Presented by the Municipal Institute of the Old Town of Plovdiv

22.00 – 01.00 – Multi-media presentation of the Municipal Institute of the Old Town of Plovdiv“: works by Zlatyu Boyadjiev, Kosta Forev, Boris Dimovski and others from the collection of Balabanov's House, and architectural details from the Bulgarian Revival period.


Open Air Reading Room

Selected locations throughout town
Presented by Magazine 1 and Nikola Mihov

11.00    01.00 – "Open-air Reading Room", an installation by Nikola Mihov. Nikola Mihov will install his reading rooms earlier in the day on 26 September. He will hang hundreds of magazines from the archive of Magazine 1 at selected locations throughout central Plovdiv. Passers-by are invited to browse through while waiting for the bus or taking a break in the park.


Suitcases, street theatre

Main Street
Starting point: Djumaya Mosque
Presented by Plovdiv Drama Theatre
tel. 032/ 62 40 54, 032/ 62 48 67

20.00 – 03.00  “Suitcases” – an interactive theatre performance. Concept and direction: Nedyalko Delchev. Costumes and set design: Petar Mitev. Music: prof. Roumen Tsonev. The performance is based on non-verbal communication between actors and passers-by on Plovdiv's Main Street. At the end, the audience is invited to take a look inside „the suitace“ -- a room-size museum of the past.