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New Territories

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40 Otets Paisiy St. (adjacent to Sariev Gallery)
tel. 0888 52 03 75, 0888 22 13 02

20.00 – 03.00 ''Open Air Reading Room'', photographs by Nikola Mihov from Magazine 1's initiative “Reading Room in the Open” on the occasion of the magazine's sixth anniversary (2008).

21.00 – 03.00 A real reading room – with tables, books, magazines and reading lamps – will be installed in front of ARTNEWSCAFE. Readers are invited to browse through the most interesting issues of Magazine 1 while listening to live music.

The Blue School (Sinyoto uchilishte)

Old Town, 5 P. R. Slaveikov St.

19.30 – 23.30 – Official opening of the new building of the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design and Photography. An exhibition with works by students: graphic design, photography, oil paintings, drawings, sculpture and icons. Music performances: folklore, classical guitar, pop and jazz. Multimedia presentations, photography workshop, sculpture workshop.


Ivan Vazov Cultural Centre / Chitalishte

33 P. R. Slaveikov St.
. 032 632 064

21.00 – 03.00 – “The Guy with the Bike, 15 nostalgic oil paintings on music themes by Tanyu Tsonev.

21.00 – 21.00 – Bogdan Trio: Dimitar Bogdanov, Nedko Bogdanov, Ani Bogdanova, performance. Presentation ofThe Guy with the Bike” – Bogdan Trios latest CD (Gega New).


Magelan Bookshop

1 Bratya Poulievi St.

22.00 – 03.00 - “Urban Yoga for Beginners”, a novel and short stories by Anton Terziev published by Ciela Publishing. Book premiere and reading. Exhibition with works by Lyubomir Dimitrov.


Mediterraneo Restaurant, parking place

Organised by Orlovska 10 Gallery, Gabrovo
Otets Paisiy St.

20.00 – 03.00 – “Lines and Light, an installation by Petar Kondev and Pavel Tsurov.

20.00 – Opening.

22.00 – Multi-media presentation.


Nailona Club

Kapana, 8 Georgi Benkovski St.
. 0889 49 67 50

19.00 – 4.00  Much More Than Nothing, posters by Edgar Gomez, exhibition.

19.00 – 4.00 Mandalas from India, Nepal and Tibet. Presented by Art Kashon.

An unlikely combination between western urban art (posters, graffiti, etc.) and eastern miniatures (mandalas); a meeting between the spiritual harmony of the East and the provocative visual art of the West.

19.30 – Exhibition opening.


Orpheus Open-air Cinema

Sahat Tepe (above the Greek Consular Offices)
02 948 20 12

Programme of the State Cultural Institute of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

20.00 – Documentary about the sculpture park of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Directed by Ivaylo Gyurov and Maria Vassileva.

20.30 – Wine break.

21.30 – “Up-stream: Music Dialogues on the Danube, documentary. Directed by Zlatina Rousseva.

Programme of the American Foundation for Bulgaria:

22.00 – 00.00 Films from the 3rd Rano Pilleh International Festival of Student Film, Sofia, 2007: Family Therapy (dir. Petar Vulchanov, 15’, 2007); Family Portrait (dir. Dimitar Sardjev, 27’, 2007); Not that I know how it is, but I think its like that (dir. Tanya Golich, 15’, 2006); Exam (dir. Paul Negoishu, 12’, 2006); Amelia (dir. Ewa Perwokowici,  10’, 2006); The Air Ace (animation, dir. Svilen Dimitrov, 8’40”, 2007); Game (dir. Kristina Grozeva, 1’); Octopus Hunter (dir. Devrim Erdogan, 2006, 11’).


Petnoto na Rorschach Club

Kapana, 36 Yoakim Gruev St.

20.00 – 03.00 –  “28 pixel portraits, interactive animation by Svetlana Moskova.

20.00 – 03.00 –  S-Phonia, interactive animation by Raicho Stanev.

23.00 – 05.00 FreeWill Society, live music.


Roman Theatre

Presented by the Municipality of Plovdiv, lInstitut Francais, the Centre for Anthropological and Ethnosociological Studies and the Open Arts Foundation
Town (enter from courtyard of Music Academy)
0899 046803

20.00 – 03.00 –Roots”, labyrinth of light, Anou Skan Association, Sophie Tabakov, Laurent Soubise, Alex Tabakov.

21.00 – 03.00 – Music performances selected by Lyudmil Petkov.

Sophie Tabakov, creative director of Anou Skan Association, is the author of the concept for the Labyrinths of Light implemented in Lyon (2005, 2006) and Biarritz (2007). The Roots Labyrinth of Light is designed especially for the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv. Visitors are invited to participate in its building.


State Puppet Theatre

14 Hristo G. Danov

19.00 – 22.30 – “When the Puppets Are Awake”, the State Puppet Theatre’s pilot participation in the Night of Museums and Galleries. With the support of Interlease Auto Ltd.

19.00 – 20.00 – “The Little Prince, a performance for adults played by children,  Puppet Theatre stage.

20.30 – 22.30 – “You Are the Actors!”, Puppet Theatre foyer, a workshop for everyone who would like to act in a play, or make puppet or stage set.

Childrens Programme

18.00 – 19.00 – “Lets Make a Puppet Together!”, Puppet Theatre courtyard and foyer. Materials, instructors, music and everything you need to create magic will be provided by the organisers.


Zlatyu Boyadjiev Museum, courtyard

Old Town, 18 Saborna St.
tel. 032 / 63 53 08

20.00 – 01.00 Multi-media presentation of works by Zlatyu Boyadjiev in the museum’s courtyard.