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Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv 2009

You can find the guide-book with the program of Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv in museums and galleries, which participate in the event, the places for distribution of the Program or the info-centers for the Night:

- The central street of Plovdiv – The Djumaia square
- The central street – in front of Plovdiv Municipality
- The entrance of International Fair – Plovdiv

 You can download the digital version of the guide-book here


The fifth annual Night of Museums and Galleries – one of the most successful and attractive city culture festivals - will take place on 2nd October in Plovdiv.

The intense variety of cultural activities and the specific Plovdiv night atmosphere of this unique event have attracted visitors from all over the country for years now, among which are not only the art-makers and the art-lovers, but also the seekers for their first more direct interaction with art and cultural inheritance. Although the Night of Museums and Galleries takes only several hours of the Plovdiv Autumn Salon of the Arts, it covers the whole art-stage of the city – starting from the Old town museums, through the private galleries in the city centre, to the underground clubs in the “Kapana” area and the art studios.

This year’s programme presents 45 participants in three sections: Museums and Galleries”, “Culture Institutions”, and “Clubs and live city spots”. The main individual and general exhibitions – oil paintings, graphics, icons, sculpture, assemblages, photography, scenography, installations, video shows, are accompanied by motion art forms – performances, concerts, live meetings and discussions with the authors.

Authors from the following countries will be presented: Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia, Nigeria, Ireland, Austria, Romania, Germany, Poland, Korea, France, Italy, and Russia.

The programme contains a wide variety of challenging experience of the mind and the senses of the visitors. Some are the traditional photography contest “A night in Plovdiv” and the children’s art workshops, which provoke even the youngest to turn to art.