83 Maritsa Blvd.
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Romfeya Gallery presents the young sculptor from Plovdiv Nikolay Shekerov (artistic pseudonym – Kaloniki). The exhibition is entitled Legends of the Inexhaustible Will. The six sculptures in the exhibition focus with an unusual and impressive insight into the cultural phenomena and subjects related to the past and the present of Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe. The sculptures, made in an antique-like style and named Self-Portrait, Kalonika, Emperor of the Bulgarians and Vlachs, The Conception of the Empire, Olympia and Elena Asenina-Laskaris, reveal to the viewer a beautiful, dynamical and multi-layered world.
11 September 19:00 - 01:00
Tales of the Inexhaustible Will
Author - Nikolay Shekerov - Kaloniki
11 September 20:00 - 21:00
Presentation by the artist and discussion with the audience