King`s Stables Summer Stages
40 Saborna Str.
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Established at the Inspection, docudrama

Idea and text: Desislava Gavrilova; director: Neda Sokolovska; training: Mila Bancheva; assistant: Adi Kuncheva, Lubomir Lubenov; participants: Georgi Naldzhiev, Nikolay Ilchev, Stoika Stefanova, Zoya Shopova, Vasiliya Drebova, Diana Encheva, Lyubomir Lubenov.

In July 2011 in the Borisova Garden a murdered girl is found and this tragedy stays long in the center of media attention. An innocently detained “hobo”, media-hyenas, police investigators, one journalist, who is allegedly claimed as a “guru of a generation” and finally a person in custody… Heroes are born out of a contemporary case about how daily, bluntly and “innocently” we trample the dignity of others. In order to provide spectacles to the bread and the “public peace”.
12 September 21:00 - 22:00
Established at the Inspection
/performance, discussion/