The King`s Stables, Upper Bar, Entrance from Saborna St. or Kiril Nektariev St.
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Manu Propria (by your own hand, self-made) is a project that aims to show the versatility of the Bulgarian talent.

The project started in 2014 during the Night. More than 200 artists taking part in it are presented on more than 1780 pages. All of them are Bulgarian artists in the literary and visual arts. Popular and not so popular Bulgarian artists, illustrators, photographers, poets and novelists.

The project presents a combination of a writer and an artist, a photographer and an artist. The first two parts of an online book of the project are already finished.
Due to the size of the project, it will be screened and some of the authors will share their art with the audience.
12 September 21:00 - 23:00
Screening of the book Manu Propria, reading of works from the book, discussion with the authors
/presentation, screening, reading of literary works/