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Aspect Gallery
1A Stefan Stambolov Sq.
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23 Septemberfrom 19:00 to 00:00
Figurative ambient (State: Sky) by Trendafila Trendafilova
23 Septemberfrom 21:00 to 22:00
Performance by Trendafila Trendafilova
As a continuation of its project – a competition for young artists realized during the festival NIGHT/Plovdiv 2015, Aspect Gallery presents Trendafila Trendafilova, who won it with her artwork “Figurative ambient” (State: Sky). In this year’s NIGHT she will present an exhibition of figurative self-portrait compositions on musical background, in a close bond with the conception of the project. A one-hour performance with original music by the artist in her own style - synthcolor music (electro-acoustic vocal performance) will be presented as well.

In her show, with the help of painting Trendafila visualizes and materializes a specific type of musical composition through the idea of harmony and synchrony between sound, color and shape.
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