Location 46
12 Bethoven Str.
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24 Septemberfrom 20:00 to 21:00
Math Monsters
“Gorgeous, really difficult, much more useful. That’s the fractals!” (Benoit Mandelbrot).

A fractal is a natural phenomenon, a structure or a mathematical set with particular properties - exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. Known back in the 18th century in the world of mathematics, these strange structures are called “monsters” for their nature which was unable to be analyzed by the conventional methods for that time.

“Mathematical monsters” is a project which aims to introduce the public to the raw beauty of some of the most famous fractals. The exhibition consists of two parts:

-minimalistic posters that represent the monsters themselves in extraordinary details and machinery visualized with huge precision;

-hand illustration of fractals at low magnification thus adding “human factor” in raw mathematical definitions as well as turning back fractals to their nature.
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