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See the short movie directed by Chavdar Chernev from the Night of Museums and Galleries- Plovdiv 2007 is shot with the cooperation of American Foundation for Bulgaria- partner of the event. We are heartily grateful.

25 000 people visited the third edition of the Night of Museums and Galleries - Plovdiv.

On 28 September 2007 Plovdiv will host the third edition of the Night of Museums and Galleries. Joining in this time will be the cities of Stara Zagora and Pazardjik.

Over 70 museums and galleries in the three cities will participate, with more than 200 art events to choose from: exclusive exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, screenings, live demonstrations, workshops, book presentations and children’s events. Admission everywhere is free.

In the Main Programme in Plovdiv visitors will be able to see more than 40 art exhibitions and museum displays and attend numerous other events in the Fringe Programme and the Art in the City Programme – installations, performances and exhibitions in the open, which will make your journey around Plovdiv even more exciting.

New on the list of attractions this year is a photo competition for everyone who wants to put down their favourite moments during the Night of Museums and Galleries 2007 on visual record.

The art fiesta is expected to spill into the early hours of the morning with a closing party hosted by DJ Domu and co-organised by Cotton Records and Magazine 1. Students from the National Drama and Film Academy will be shooting a film about the Night of Museums and Galleries 2007, in which everyone could play a role.

The organisers would like to extend their gratitude to the general sponsor of the event – M-tel as well as to co-sponsors International Fair – Plovdiv and the Plovdiv branch of Interlease.

The symbol of this year’s edition of The Nights of Museums and Galleries is a constellation - one’s own route, which everyone can make out on the town’s night art-map.


On the 28th of September the town of Haskovo joins the initiative of The Night of Museums and Galleries. Art Gallery – Haskovo, the new gallery “Forum”, near the theatre, DPT “Ivan Dimov”, The Regional Historical Museum- Haskovo, will participate with a program of their own.

The general sponsor Mobiltel will give twelve of the visitors at the festival, the opportunity to visit, with a loved person the 10th Biennale  of contemporary art in Istambul, which is being led now in the turkish capital ( 8.09 – 8.10 ). At twelve galleries in Plovdiv the visitors will be   able to take part in a lottery, organized by the mobile operator in which the prizes will be given.

Souvenirs from the Night

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