Location 9
Regional History Museum - Plovdiv
2 Mitropolit Paisiy Str., “Hristo G. Danov” house
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24 Septemberfrom 10:00 to 18:00
Presentation Fleeting newspaper by Krassimir Terziev
Transitional Newspaper is the first edition and it is divided in 5 issues : First issue: Daily; Second issue: Holiday; Third issue: Street; Fourth issue: Extraordinary; Fifth issue: Fantastic.

The publication consists of pages from Bulgarian daily newspapers (some of them do not exist any more). They were published in the period 1989 - 2016. The main selection criteria of the photographs is not to show public figures (politicians and celebrities), but people we do not know – ordinary people. The photocopies of the newspapers’ pages are liberated from all kinds of texts and the images are left on their original places. The new media we get is a visual newspaper in which images floate in a big white spot and people are invited to fill it with what is meaningful and useful for them. In other words, people can recognize this media as their own and through it to recreate the period of our most recent history, which many of us experienced.

Idea and executive: Krasimir Terziev
Assistants: Marina Genova, Neli Simeonova, Martin Stratiev, Lora Todorova, Valko Chobanov.

A project by Goethe-Institute Bulgaria, part of the initiative BUD.CО
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