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57 Konstantin Stoilov Str.
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13 Septemberfrom 19:00 to 01:00
IMAGE POETICS - National Autumn Exhibitions, Plovdiv 2019
Dinko Stoev - painting, deep hall
Dimitar Vodenicharov - watercolours, vaulted hall
Stoyan Kutsev - painting, first floor
Kristina Vatova - graphics, yard

The poetics of the image is connected with both the author’s intentions – the instruments and means of expression they use, and with the beholder, who sets what they have seen in the horizon of their expectations and understanding. The project Poetics of the Image, which presents the exhibitions of nine prominent Bulgarian artists, deals exactly with the connection which emerges between how the images are “made” and how they are “understood”. This original bridge creates artistic meanings and senses that are sometimes in unison and sometimes beyond the entrenched beliefs and traditions.
13 Septemberfrom 20:00 to 21:00
Curated tour at the National Autumn Exhibitions 2019
A one-hour curated tour of Prof. Galina Lardeva (art director of the National Autumn Exhibitions in Plovdiv), going from Mexican Graphics house, Hindliyan’s house and finishing at Balabanov’s house.
13 Septemberfrom 21:00 to 22:00
Meeting and discussion with young artist Kristina Vatova
13 Septemberfrom 22:00 to 23:00
Discussion with Dimitar Vodenicharov
The artist presents his watercolour exhibition in the vaulted hall of Balabanov’s house.
13 Septemberfrom 14:00 to 18:00
Time of generations. Love on the brain - part I
/sensory-artistic workshop/
People of all ages will create together a work-instalation (sculpture-painting-video). It is devoted to the idea about communication between the generations and will be presented during an open-air performance – collective artistic experience.
Project Time of generations. Love on the brain of the artistic group ARTogether:
Clara Pla Ferrer – Classical and modern ballet (Spain)
Remo Sciutto - Art (Italy)
Alexander Kamberov – Graphic design and Sculpture (Bulgaria)
Sanya Barakova - Handpan (Bulgaria)
Denitsa Atanasova – Choreography and Coordination of the project (Bulgaria)
Dimitar Ferdinandov and Josep Rodenas – Video and Photo documentation (Bulgaria and Spain)
Dr. Paola Sciutto ( Neuroscience) and Dr. Denitsa Atanasova – science consultants (Italy and Bulgaria)
15 Septemberfrom 14:00 to 17:00
Time of generations. Love on the brain - part II
A sequel to the sensory-artistic workshop held on 13.09, in which the artists will pay more individual attention to the participants, demonstrating various techniques and at the same time considering, analysing and interpreting selected paintings and sculptures, as well as those produced by the participants, in a dialogue with a qualified art critic. As a continuation and after the end of the NIGHT, training for volunteers is planned during the workshops, who will then proceed with visits to the homes of elderly people and children without parental care.
14 Septemberfrom 15:30 to 17:00
Open watercolour atelier for children
Tutor: watercolourist Elisaveta Ilieva

The issue of the workshop within the NIGHT is part of the series of such events that the artist holds in Plovdiv on a regular basis, familiarising the children with the history of the art in the city through painting, thematic games, learning through play, and games for emotional development.
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