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Actors vs. Poets
Lapidarium, Old Town
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23 and 24 Septemberfrom 21:00 to 22:00
Actors vs. Poets
Authors and selectors: Stefan Ivanov and Stanislav Kertikov

“Actors vs. Poets“ is a kind of a deadly duel between actors and poets that illustrates thousands of differences between the authors’ reading of poetry and the actors` performance like a monologue. The audience will decide the outcome of this battle of words. Moderated by Lilia Geleva. The number of the actors and the poets is always twelve. Usually this event happens indoor in theatre halls, in this case, at the festival Night/Plovdiv the project will be a guest of the Old Town where the audience will be welcomed by playing and singing actors. Visitors will receive sheets of paper with poems – not by the poets who participate, but by other poets from Bulgaria and abroad. At the starting point Lilia Geleva will play the role of an announcer. Her words about the poets and the authors and for all the rest will be sung. The battle of words will happen in three different rounds. After the last round and the direct battle between the authors, the audience will have the right to vote for the winner.
So far the fight has not taken place outdoors where the audience is everywhere. This only means that the active interaction with the spectators will be in a different way, it will be unexpected and even more.

Stefan Ivanov (*1986, Sofia) graduated in philosophy from the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, he has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and is currently a PHD student in Aesthetics at the same university. He wrote the poetry books ”4 seconds purple” (2003), “Ginsburg against Bukovski in the audience” (2004), ”Lists” (2009) and “Inside“ (2014). For “Lists“ he was nominated for the National Poetry Award “Ivan Nikolov“. “Inside“ had a nomination for the first awards for literature of NDK. He won the award of “Sofia Poetics“(2011). Together with Ivan Dobchev he co-authored the play “Medea, my mother“, that won an “Ikar“ Award (2013) for the best performance. The play “Between the holidays”(2014) was nominated for an “Ikar” Award for dramaturgy. Since 2003 he has been organizing different literature actions, readings and performances. He has numerous journalistic and various kinds of texts published in different media.]/i]

[i]Stanislav Kertikov (*1992) graduated in “Acting for drama theater” in the class of Prof. Margarita Mladenova from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” in 2014. Since then he has been involved in projects of “Sfumato” Theatre Workshop. In 2014 he won the Big award “Vladimir Trendafilov” and the Award of the Hungarian cultural institute at the 24th National contest for performing Hungarian and Bulgarian poetry and literature. In 2015 together with Stefan Ivanov and Ivan Dimitrov he organised the first edition of “Actors vs. Poets” in the framework of the Small season of “Sfumato”. The event won the festival which became an occasion for Stanislav Kertikov to orient towards theater producing. At the moment he studies cultural management at the postgraduate quialification course of Sofia University the Goethe-Institute. Currently his efforts are directed to sustainable development of the newly formed theater company “NOVO20”.
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