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Common Ground
The Small Basilica, Maria Luisa Blvd. 31
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23 and 24 Septemberfrom 21:00 to 22:00
Common Ground
Artists: АТОМ Theatre and Project UNIT 828384 (Jo Hyun Sang, Kil Seo Young, Lee Jung In, Lee Seung Ju)

Project UNIT 828384 is a cooperation of Korean choreographers, that work in the field of contemporary dance in different parts of the world. The project that brought them together was an artist residence in France in 2016 where they worked on works by Kafka. ATOM Theater is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is a group of young Bulgarian artists who work in the field of contemporary dance. Project UNIT 828384 and ATOM Theatre met in 2016, when Project UNIT 828384 presented their work at АТОМ`s studio in Sofia. The two teams worked together very successfully and decided to continue with other projects. The first of them is “Common Ground” for the festival Night/Plovdiv 2016.

“Silence” (Solo, 13 min) – Choreograph: Jo Hyun Sang
The moment I am alone after a storm. I am surrounded only by silence, emptiness and lost feelings. At this moment I can`t move at all, even the smallest finger. And yet this is the biggest opportunity for me. In this moment I could become stronger and can prepare myself for a bigger storm. The silence is a powerful and sacred moment in the time.

“Kafka on the road” (Solo, 12 min) – Choreograph: Kil Seo Young
A point of reference for the work is an inspiration from Kafka`s novel. I apply tortuous values in a conflict with the body image. I combined organically breath, energy and emotion. I develop the construction of the body that reach this point of state and I will make an attempt to restore the order of body, spirit and soul, to integrate the body and the mind and to enjoy the moment. I concentrate on the attempt to express the vital energy generated by the moment of the dancing.

“Drifting Island” (Solo, 13 min) – Choreograph: Lee Jung In
The delicate emotion – known by the sensitive sensation from the deep gap. I stay on a drifting land, I touch dry sand and smell the rain in the air. The silence is broken by a sound of scratch. I am there and I am not. I step into the water and slowly shake the body... like a dance.

“In the box(ing)” (Solo, 8 min) - Choreograph: Lee Seung Ju
Limited space, hesitation, contraction, light, spread.

“Impossibility in its purest form” (A dance fragment, 13 min) – Choreograph: Stefania Georgieva

The piece is inspired by the work of the painter Maurits Cornelis Escher. The bodies examine the impossibility like a kind of hope, longing, desire and at the same time like wickedness, destruction, fecklessness, and impossibility.

Supported by The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC).
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