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Alternative Map of Plovdiv
Hostel Old Plovdiv, 3, 4th January Str.
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24 Septemberfrom 18:00 to 19:30
Alternative Map of Plovdiv
Within the Night will be presented the latest development on the map with a motivation for the new 4 topics: “The Mahala” (Hadji Hassan Quarter), “The Maritsa River: Modes of Inhabiting” (Karshiyaka, Marasha and Stolipinovo Quarters), “The Social Life in Panel Block Residential Districts” (Trakiya District); “Plovdiv’s Hills as Forms of Urban Life”. As a challenge the audience would be invited on a special tour to discover new interesting locations in based on the new topics. If you want to register for the tour, please send an email to info@openarts.info until 18.09., the places are limited.
Alternative Мap of Plovdiv is a project that aims to create a broad new insight and curiosity about the city. The first printed edition of the map (2013) was created as a collaborative work between arch. Vladislav Kostadinov and arch. Antonia Vulkanova from Studio 8 ½ and the historian Katrin Sarieva from Open Arts Foundation. The edition form 2013 includes the topics: “The Tobacco Warehouses”, “The Kapana Quarter”, “Bauhaus under the Hills”, “Communist-Era Architecture”, “Religions” and “Otets Paisiy Str”.
The 4 new topics form 2016 focus not so much on the architectural qualities or the threat of destruction of iconic buildings for the city but on the way people inhabit the spaces - diverse ethnic and social groups, the atmosphere of the everyday life in Plovdiv. The second edition is developed by Katrin Sarieva in consultation with a range of experts: arch. Megan Luenberg, the historian Vladimir Baltchev, Nikola Venkov, Ph.D. student in Urban Studies, St. Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia, Atanas Dimitrov, student Architecture at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The project is developed by Open Arts Foundation.
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